How Much Does It Cost For A Diploma In Regulated Financial Planning?

by Adam on April 8, 2013, no comments

Qualifying as a Financial Advisor isn’t cheap. But, in a age of ever increasingly costly university fees, the costs are not completely outlandish, either. I have opted to study for the CII Diploma in Regulated Financial Planning so based on my research the minimum cost for this qualification is £1344. Other courses have slightly different fees but […]

Sunday Introspection

by Adam on April 7, 2013, no comments

This website is special, because I’m working out my life, in real-time. Thank you for joining me as I share this.   ******************************* Can you add anything to this? Be sure to join the discussion by leaving a comment below this post. ******************************* This post was written by Adam, a Financial Services Apprentice (and aspiring […]

Deciding to Study the CII Regulated Diploma in Financial Planning

by Adam on April 6, 2013, no comments

From speaking with Independent Financial Advisors yesterday, I learned that achieving the necessary qualifications should be my first priority. To become a financial advisor in 2013 and beyond, you must reach the industry benchmarch QCF qualification level 4. This is a higher level of education and knowledge than was required before 2013, before the Retail Distribution Review (DRD) […]

Day One – Deciding to become a Financial Advisor

by Adam on April 5, 2013, no comments

Today I made a commitment to myself to become a professional Independent Financial Advisor in the UK. My goal is to build a meaningful and fulfilling career, helping people get more out of life through good money management and growth.  This site will chronicle my journey into making this dream a reality. A Short History […]