Adam Piplica


Welcome to Financial Planning Academy!

I’m Adam, resident of York, UK, and I’m working towards becoming an Independent Financial Planner. This is my journey, and it could be yours too.

My goal is to build a meaningful and fulfilling career, helping people get more out of life through good money management and growth. This site will chronicle my journey and is a place to share my learnings as I navigate entering this new career.

If you’ve found this site, I’d love to hear from you. My email is Adam AT Piplica.com


I’ve been interested in investing since early adulthood. I didn’t have any money to save or invest but that didn’t stop me dreaming of growing my savings in the stock market.

After graduating from University I saved almost all of my earnings from a summer job to make my first investments. By the time I had done my research and accumulated enough to invest it was October 2007. Yes, indeed, the height of the market before the ‘Credit Crunch’ had really begun to unfold.

Every month after that sunny October day when I had begun my investing journey I would see the numbers on my computer screen fall as the world went into what seemed to be a financial meltdown. But being a student of the markets I knew not to worry and kept buying every month, all the way to the bottom in March 2009, and back up again.

As the numbers started recovering and growing I enjoyed telling my friends about my adventures in the stock market and in 2010 I decided to spread my message further with a personal finance website, Magical Penny.

I passionately believe everyone should be investing at some level or another, and the internet has opened up a host of opportunities to get started and manage a portfolio at low cost.

But not everyone has the time, patience, aptitude or drive for DIY investing. And many others have lofty goals and complex lives that require more in-depth knowledge and attention.

I want to help these people, so after 3 years of writing and growing Magical Penny, I felt it was time to take my knowledge further and become a qualified Independent Financial Adviser and Planner

I began by studying for my Diploma in Regulated Financial Planning with the CII, and after many months of searching I found an opportunity to join a Chartered Financial Planning firm in Boston Spa, Beaufort Financial Planning (Yorkshire).I achieved my Diploma in April 2015, but still have a lot to learn!

This site will follow my journey.

My Professional Life So Far

Professionally, my experience lies in research and consulting, creating and managing research programmes for many FTSE companies, including Vodafone, Scottish Power, and Lloyds Banking Group. I helped Tesco Bank to help track their brand and advertising impact.

Outside of my Research career, for the last 5 years I have run my own internet-publishing business with a monthly readership of several thousand across several web properties, predominantly in the finance vertical, notably Magical Penny. I have spoken at Financial conferences such as Write On Financial Blogger Conference, in conjunction with MoneySupermarket.com, and events hosted by Confused.com. I have also attended a number of financial industry conferences including TradeTech2012 in London, and the Financial Blogger Conference in Denver, Colorado.

My aim is to learn everything I can about financial planning and become a financial planner in the coming months providing personal advice to clients to help them prosper.