How To Become a Trainee Financial Planner | What do you bring?

by Adam on June 17, 2014, no comments

I have found financial planning firms much more interested in seeing me for informal interviews since becoming 50% qualified in my pursuit of the Diploma in Regulated Financial Planning. Talks are still ongoing, but as part of the process I have put together a list of reasons why I would make a great candidate for a financial planning firm.

Perhaps others will find this list helpful who are also on this path. Ask yourself, what are you bringing to the position?

Reasons to Employ Adam Piplica as a Trainee Financial Planner:

Adam is a 28 year old professional…

formerly working in market research with entrepreneurial experience running his own web publishing business. Research clients have included Tesco Bank to help track their brand and advertising impact; AXA as they optimised their processes with financial advisors as they changed business structures; and Lloyds Banking Group, testing a range of new product propositions. Advertisers in Adam’s web business, which aims to empower financially its online readers, include MoneySupermarket, Lloyds, and Ipswich Building Society.

Adam wishes to embark on a financial planning career after being inspired by his own investing journey…

which started after graduating from university. He is looking to join a Chartered Firm who are ambitious for growth, ethics-led, and create meaningful value for it’s clients.

He is clear on his career goals.

Some Trainee financial planning candidates may be searching for any opportunity to see if the industry is for them. Not so for Adam, who has dedicated a lot of time to find clarity in his career aspirations. He became passionate about financial planning during his Research career and is ready to take the first step into this profession.

He has drive and ambition.

After becoming passionate about investing and the empowerment that comes with laying down a financial plan, he was inspired to set up his own internet publishing and freelance writing business, writing finance articles. After leaving his Research career he continued to grow this business, but after years of personal investing and fielding questions about the stock market from his friends, and later, hundreds of readers of his online properties, he decided to pursue financial planning as a career.

He has complementary skills in technology.

Although he has not worked in financial services before, he has always been interested in marketing and sales which is the life-force of any financial planning practice. Having built web properties from nothing to domains with thousands of unique visitors a month within a few short years he understands the web and the still huge potential of running online properties for lead-generation and brand awareness, important in this industry.

He is already 50% Level 4 qualified.

Adam has already demonstrated a proficiency and commitment to financial planning by self-funding and completing 50% of the CII Level 4 Diploma in Regulated Financial Planning, with passes in R01 (Regulation); R02 (Investments); and R03 (Personal Taxation) with the remaining modules (R04-R06) planned in the coming months of 2014. This saves the company money on examination costs and reduces the risks involved in employing a trainee.

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