Pathways – A Career Guide for Financial Planning

by Adam on March 18, 2015, no comments

When I set up this site two years ago, I really struggled to find information about how to enter financial advising as a profession. I found some information here and there, mostly on internet forums but as an outsider to financial services it was very confusing. I’m sure Google had indexed a lot of great content, somewhere, but I didn’t know what search terms I needed to use.

I didn’t know what I didn’t know.

It was only once I had spoken to some financial advisers that I even came across the CII -the Chartered Insurance Institute, which administers the Diploma in Regulated Financial Planning, the benchmark Level 4 Qualification needed to give financial advice in the UK.

Now that I have been given the opportunity to work in a Chartered Financial Planning business, I know a lot more about the profession and the path I need to take to reach my goals, but I’m determined that others wishing to follow this path have an easier time getting up to speed with how to go about building a career in financial planning.

Tonight I found a document with many of the answers, and I had to share it here. It’s created by the Personal Financial Society – which is actually the Financial Planning-branded version of the CII. It took me an embarrassingly long time to learn the PFS and the CII are the same organisation -they don’t make it that clear in my opinion. But they’ve done a great job at showing how to develop a career in financial planning.

Give it a read if you’re thinking of following me in this journey into the most meaningful career in financial services.

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Career in financial planning guide




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